Claud Derbes, Owner/ Pharmacist

Claud Derbes was almost predestined to become a pharmacist from his meager beginnings in the rural town of Eunice, Louisiana. With multiple pharmacists already in his family, Claud sought a career in pharmaceutical sciences. While attending Loyola University, he was transferred to Northeast Louisiana University where he received his bachelor's degree in pharmaceutical sciences. After working many years in various hospital, commercial, and privatized settings, Claud was approached by Richard Singleton for the purchase of Murray's Central Pharmacy. Herman Stroderd, the previous owner of the pharmacy, was retiring and offered Claud the option of purchasing his old store or completely starting from scratch. Claud, being the pharmaceutical pioneer he is, opted to begin fresh and reintroduce the antiquated idea of personalized customer service to the small city of Central. In February of 1998, Claud and his brother, Pete Derbes, reopened Central Drug Store in spite of the current trend of commercializing pharmacies. And after many hours of negotiation, Claud was then joined by Barbara Sonnier, Herman Stroderd's head clerk. Now, with more than forty years of pharmaceutical expertise, Claud has built Central Drug Store into a community based pharmacy that has, for thirteen years, prided itself on its unsurpassed customer service.


Jill Miller, General Manager/Pharm. Tech./Coumadin Clinic Coordinator

In the summer of 1998, after graduating from Central High School, Jill (White) Miller began working as a clerk at Central Drug Store. While attending college at Southeastern Louisiana University, Jill became certified as a pharmacy technician and, soon thereafter, changed her professional goals from nursing to business management. Currently, she maintains various titles within Central Drug Store, a few of them being: General Manager, Human Relations Representative, Coumadin Clinic Coordinator, and Financial Manager. Without her tireless "behind the scenes" work, Central Drug Store would not have flourished in such magnitude as it has over the past decade. Overall, she has been the backbone of Central Drug Store for the past thirteen wonderful years. She plans to continue instilling more innovative ideas and pursuing nothing but the best customer service and family-friendly atmosphere that is synonymous with Central Drug Store.


Michael Anding, Pharmacy Manager/Immunologist/Pharmacist

As a native of Baton Rouge, Mike Anding began his academic journey at Redemptorist High School and continued onto Northeast Louisiana University in pursuit of a bachelor's degree in pre-pharmaceutical sciences. He owned his first store in 1975 and sold it in 1993 to Albertson's Grocery Store. After the death of co-owner Pete Derbes, Mike joined the Central Drug Store team in 2004. Among his other titles, Mike is also the overall manager of our pharmacy department and is our in-store immunization specialist. With almost forty years of expertise in the pharmaceutical business, Mike Anding has been a staple in the Central Drug Store family.


Peggy Perez, Compounding Pharmacist/OTC Manager

From the small town of Metairie, Peggy Perez came to Central Drug Store as a refuge from Hurricane Katrina in 2006. In fact, she had not meant to come to Central Drug Store, but it was only by word of mouth and fate that she ended up here. Having worked in only the privatized setting, she ventured into the commercialized or "chain" pharmaceutical venue, but soon returned to the independent sector due to the lack of personalized customer service. With over twenty years of previous experience in compounding, home health, and privatized pharmacies, she has made Central Drug Store her home due to its customer service and has exuded nothing but excellence during her tenure.


George Munn, Pharmacist

Growing up in North Baton Rouge, George Munn graduated from Istrouma High School in 1963 and continued to Northeast Louisiana University for his bachelor's degree and, eventually, his master's in pharmaceutical chemistry. He began his career in a small town pharmacy, much like Central Drug Store, but soon thereafter moved onto becoming the pharmaceutical director over the pharmacy within the Baton Rouge General Hospital in 1976. He retired with many accolades and titles in 2008, but not without serving one year on the prestigious Board of Pharmacy. In 2009, George came out of retirement and has become an indispensible member of our Central Drug Store team.


Barbara Sonnier, OTC Manager/Head Clerk

After Herman Stroderd closed the original Central Drug Store (then Murray's Central Pharmacy) in the winter of 1997, Barbara Sonnier, Mr. Stroderd's head clerk, was given an opportunity to work with a commercialized competitor. It was not until Richard Singleton offered Barbara a deal to work with a pair of brothers who recently purchased the old drug store in February of 1998. When Claud and Pete Derbes hired her, they had no idea the enormous impact that she would eventually bring to the drug store and the surrounding city. Barbara has served Central Drug Store for over thirteen wonderful years; including her tenure with Herman Stroderd, her career equates to over thirty-one years of service and experience.


Pete Derbes, Owner/Pharmacist

Pete and Claud owned and worked, side by side, for six years in Central Drug Store, until Pete lost his battle with colon cancer in the spring of 2004. He will forever be a part of the Central Drug Store family and will be deeply missed by all who knew him.