Claud Derbes, Owner/ Pharmacist

Claud Derbes was almost predestined to become a pharmacist from his meager beginnings in the rural town of Eunice, Louisiana. With multiple pharmacists already in his family, Claud sought a career in pharmaceutical sciences. While attending Loyola University, he was transferred to Northeast Louisiana University where he received his bachelor's degree in pharmaceutical sciences. After working many years in various hospital, commercial, and privatized settings, Claud was approached by Richard Singleton for the purchase of Murray's Central Pharmacy. Herman Stroderd, the previous owner of the pharmacy, was retiring and offered Claud the option of purchasing his old store or completely starting from scratch. Claud, being the pharmaceutical pioneer he is, opted to begin fresh and reintroduce the antiquated idea of personalized customer service to the small city of Central. In February of 1998, Claud and his brother, Pete Derbes, reopened Central Drug Store in spite of the current trend of commercializing pharmacies. And after many hours of negotiation, Claud was then joined by Barbara Sonnier, Herman Stroderd's head clerk. Now, with more than forty years of pharmaceutical expertise, Claud has built Central Drug Store into a community based pharmacy that has, for thirteen years, prided itself on its unsurpassed customer service.


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